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"Let's Do This!"

Nike has a slogan entitled “Just Do It”.  The problem has been that folks are still putting off for tomorrow, what they can do today.  The temptation to take a shortcut is appealing. Being enticed by advertisements of get rich quick, lost 30 pounds, and create a six pack in 30 days is quite tempting. These types of temptations allow folks to become lazy, slothful, and procrastinate. When these issues are not dealt with, situations in people’s lives continue to get worse.  

This is a new year. A year to celebrate what God is going to do when we begin to be “Proactive” in all areas of our lives.  How many times are we going to tell ourselves we need to get closer to God, walk in our calling, fast more, pray more, lose weight, get married, join the military, get a better job, go back to school, clean the house and garage and much more?! When we examine these areas, we find that things have not gotten better, but worse. Now is the time. This year let’s stop procrastinating and “Let’s Do This”.

Philippian 4:13 states, “I can do all things (which He has called me to do) through Him who strengthens and empowers me” (AMP).   Yes, we can do it. This is 2019! As believers of Christ, let’s get up, stand on God's Words, and take back what the devil has stolen.

"Let's Do This!"

God Bless

Pastor Barbara


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